£4.80 per week

with VAT relief*
For peace of mind at home

We all want the freedom to live independently in our own home. With timesage lifeline, help can be on hand day or night, all year round at the push of a button.

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lifeline falls

£6.99 per week

with VAT relief*
Worried about falling

Falling in the home is a common and scary experience. With our fall alert wristband an alert will be raised to our control centre as soon as a fall as been detected.

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lifeline mobile

£9.99 per week

with VAT relief*
When you’re out and about

Our range of mobile phones and Watch allow you to stay connected anywhere, are easy to use and enable you to contact our control centre at a touch of a button.


"As secure as your front door"

A key safe designed based on extensive consultation with users and has a large enough storage capacity for up to 6 keys.

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