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You'll have a lifeline alarm pendant and a base unit, all linked to our round-the-clock local control centre for assistance at the touch of a button.

lifeline falls package

The Vibby Fall Alert wristband will detect if you've had a fall and will automatically contact the control centre for you.


Our mobile-only package uses the Doro Secure® 580IP Mobile Carephone - a GPS device with an emergency assistance button on the back, which when pressed will go through to the control centre.

safe at home

Our Safe at Home package extends protection for people who may experience day to day risks around the home such as fires, pouring hot water and more.

Telecare Products

Vibby Oak fall detector alert alarm bracelet

Vibby Oak fall alert


Doro Secure 580 smartphone

Secure 580 mobile carephone


Doro Secure 480 watch

Secure 480 smart watch


Vibby OAK coloured strap


Kitchen Products

Kettle tipper

PowerPour kettle tipper


Jar and Bottle Holder


Angled measuring jug

Angled measuring jug


One-Touch can opener


Home & Garden Products

Days of the week clock

Days of week clock


Supra Key Safe


The Sock Aid Easy Sock On & Off


2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock