THIS AGREEMENT is made on the date of subscribing to this package


(1)       MELTON BOROUGH COUNCIL of Council Offices, Parkside, Station Approach, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray Leicestershire (hereinafter called “the Council”) under the hand of Assistant Chief Executive



Thereafter called “the Customer”

WHEREAS the Council shall supply to the Customer premises and the Customer shall take and pay for Melton Lifeline & Lifeline PLUS in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this Agreement

NOW IT IS AGREED as follows: –

1          Definitions and Interpretation

1.1       In this Agreement except where the context otherwise requires the following expressions shall have the following meaning: –

            “Premises” means the address supplied in the subscription

“Lifeline” and “Lifeline Plus” shall mean the Council’s equipment which includes the Lifeline Unit, associated pendant, mobile device and watch.

“Commencement Date” shall mean the date of subscribing to this package

  • “Service” means the provision of an emergency cover twenty-four hours a day seven days a week for contacting the emergency services and/or a person nominated by the Customer
  • “Control Centre” means the monitoring service which is located at
  • HDC, Police Station, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough. LE16 9QJ
  • “Programme of reassurance and monitoring” is an additional service available (if required)

2          Term

  • The Council shall install the Lifeline and Lifeline PLUS for a term of one year from the commencement date and thereafter from year to year until determined as hereinafter mentioned

3          Payment

3.1       The payment shall be the price of the subscription package advertised and shall be paid by a monthly subscription payment from the card details provided.

3.2       The first payment shall be taken on signing up for the subscription service and subsequent payments will be taken on that same date each month.

3.3       Any payment outside of this arrangement needs to be agreed in advance with the Council, by contacting the Melton Borough Council Customer Services.

3.5       The Council will give at least two weeks’ advance notice of any change in payment

4          Restrictions on Assignment

The Agreement is personal to the Customer and shall not be assigned or transferred without the Council’s written consent 

5          Customer’s Agreements and Responsibilities

5.1       The proper care of Lifeline and Lifeline PLUS installed in the Premises or used outside the premises.

5.2       To indemnify the Council in respect of all liabilities relating to any loss damage consequential or indirect loss to the Lifeline or any part thereof, which may have been placed by the Council upon the Premises or for use outside of the premises

5.3       The Lifeline and Lifeline PLUS shall remain the property of the Council during the continuance of this Agreement

5.4       To meet any rental or other charges payable for telephone lines or other equipment used by the Customer in making use of the Service

5.5       To ensure that all-necessary personal information be notified to the Control Centre (appropriate forms are supplied by the Council).

6          Council’s Agreements

6.1       To provide the Service with the assistance of the Control Centre to ensure that staff are on duty at the Control Centre to answer incoming calls for twenty-four hours a day every day of the year

6.2       To be responsible for the maintenance of Lifeline and Lifeline PLUS.

7          The Programme of Reassurance and Monitoring

7.1       The Control Centre can be requested to make regular telephone calls if required

7.2       Further details can be obtained from Melton Borough Council.

7.3       An additional payment will be made for the Programme.

7.4       Application is made to the Control Centre (on forms supplied by the Council)

8          Determination

8.1       This Agreement shall be determined

            8.1.1    by either party giving to the other one month’s notice in writing

8.1.2    If the payment shall remain unpaid for one month after the same shall have become due the Council may give notice to the Customer to terminate this Agreement forthwith

8.1.3    on the death of the Customer

8.2       Upon the determination of this Agreement the Council shall be permitted to remove all its apparatus and equipment, which may have been placed by it on the Premises

8.3       The Council reserves the right to amend or provide new terms and conditions to the Customer at anytime.

8.4      By taking up these services the subscriber is agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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